The Preliminary Interview

The first interview that candidates will be invited to is the preliminary interview. This interview is a virtual panel interview and will be held via Zoom. Once the written exam period closes, WA Fire Careers will pull the top scoring written exam candidates and invite them to participate in the preliminary interview by email. The interview panel will be comprised of representatives from each agency.

The Panel Interview

After the preliminary interviews, candidates who are invited to move forward in the hiring process will receive an invitation to the in-person panel interviews via email. Candidates will have the opportunity to self-schedule their panel interview on the WA Fire Careers interview calendar, during the available dates/times, on a “first come, first served” basis. Keep an eye out for your invitation and schedule your interview as soon as possible to ensure a date and time that works best for your schedule.

The Fire Chief Interviews

Interviews with the fire chiefs will be the longest and most thorough interviews of all. Each candidate will have an opportunity to interview with the fire chiefs from our agencies individually to get the best understanding of each agency and present their best to each agency.

Once the fire chief interviews have concluded, candidates will be matched with the agency that is the best fit, and the fire chief interviews play a big role in that pairing. In addition to the recommendations for the panel interview, here are some things to remember as you enter the fire chief interviews.

Have you reviewed our hiring timeline?

Our hiring timeline is a detailed account of when every step of the hiring process is happening, complete with dates and descriptions. It’s our way of helping local and national candidates prepare for the interview, onboarding, and academy process.

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