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Is the Fire Service Right for You?

The fire service is both a very challenging and rewarding career path. Firefighters are charged with helping people on their darkest day. The outcomes are often successful, but sometimes they are not. It takes an individual who is both mentally and physically prepared to work in this field. Here are some of the key characteristics of a successful firefighter.

Passion for Public Service

Successful firefighters have a passion for serving the community. It is the drive to help those in need that empowers them to risk their own lives in order to save others.

In addition to providing fire and life safety services to community members in need of help, firefighters are also called upon to consistently participate in public outreach, public education, and public assistance projects, both in person and virtually.

Aptitude for Fitness

Firefighters face great challenges every day, requiring them to be both mentally and physically strong. Those looking to join the fire service have to prepare themselves for the fact that not every call has a successful outcome, and that can take a toll on anyone’s mental health. WA Fire Careers agencies provide their firefighters with a variety of support systems to keep their behavioral health in the best shape possible.

Firefighters must also possess both physical strength and endurance. Physical fitness is a key component of passing the CPAT entry exam, an even more important element of passing fire academy, and a critical requirement of a successful firefighter. Click here to find out more about the physical requirements of the fire academy.

Team Oriented

Firefighters typically live in the fire station for 24 hours at a time with their crew. Living, eating, training, and working well with several other firefighters requires a person who thrives in a team environment.

On a call, being able to trust your fellow firefighters, as well as being trusted by your fellow firefighters, is paramount to the probability of a successful outcome. Working well as a team is a must, so being a team oriented individual is a must for the fire service.

Our Pathway to Success

When you’re ready to begin your journey toward joining the fire service with a WA Fire Careers agency, the process entails three main steps:

Meet Our Agencies

WA Fire Careers is comprised of select fire and life safety agencies from throughout King County, WA. These agencies identified a need to streamline and simplify the process of becoming a firefighter to make it more accessible and inclusive for all. Click the agency logos below to learn more about each individual agency or the button below to learn more about WA Fire Careers and our collaborative mission.

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