Physical Fitness Standards

The South King County Fire Training Consortium (SKCFTC) has shared their Physical Fitness Standards to help recruits successfully understand the level of fitness necessary to pass their fitness evaluations. The standards below are considered to be the minimum physical fitness level needed to pass the fitness evaluations performed during fire academy, and SKCFTC suggests that recruits seek to surpass these.

SKCFTC Fitness Standards

Minimum Fitness Standards

Two-mile timed run within a maximum allotted time of 18 minutes.
Ten minute rest.
A minimum of 25 push-ups in two minutes.
Two minute rest.
A minimum 2-minute plank.
Two minute rest.
A minimum of one chin-up. Chin-ups are performed with an “underhand grip”.

Physical Fitness Scoring

Fire academy fitness evaluations are typically scored based amounts of time or repetitions. in contrast with the minimum fitness requirements outlined in the section above, below are the milestones you’ll need to hit to receive a perfect score on your fitness evaluations.

SKCFTC Fitness Scoring

Top-scoring Fitness Evaluation Metrics

Two-mile timed run completed in 12 minutes or less.
Ten-minute rest.
50 or more push-ups completed in two minutes.
Two-minute rest.
A six-minute plank.
Two-minute rest.
20 chin-ups performed with an “underhand grip”.

Additional Fitness Considerations

During fire academy, recruits are required to perform consistent physical training on a daily basis. Having a quality pair of running shoes is highly recommend and will help to alleviate most running-related problems. Physical training will be instructor lead for safety and quality of training.