Once you have completed the two-part registration process, you will receive an exam orientation guide via e-mail after the exam registration deadline has closed. The orientation guide will contain everything you need to know in order to take your exam.

Three (3) days prior to the testing window, you will receive the access information/credentials necessary to access the online exam. Be sure to fully review the orientation guide, paying close attention to the system requirements and exam proctoring rules.


Our exam communications will typically come to you via e-mail, but they won’t always come from the same e-mail address. You will receive e-mail from the fire departments within our group, the exam agency (FPSI), and the proctoring agency (Examity) too. Be sure to keep an eye out for our e-mails, always check your junk folder if you’re expecting an e-mail from us, and always add our organizations to your ‘safe sender’ list.

Your Exam Email

We partner with Fire and Police Selection, Inc. (FPSI). FPSI distributes and manages the exam portion of the online exam process and reports your scores back to us. Be prepared to receive correspondence from FPSI directly pertaining to your exam.

Additionally, FPSI partners with Examity to proctor the exam process both through artificial intelligence and through human audit. You will receive an email from “noreply@examity.com” with the subject line, “TestGenuisfull – Examity – Test Taker Registration.” Registering with Examity is included in the cost of your exam and is required in order to access the exam. Make sure to follow the directions in that e-mail promptly to be prepared for your exam.

You are solely responsible for being prepared to take the test during your testing window and taking your test on time. If you do not receive your Examity e-mail registration three (3) days prior to your testing window, please email help@fpsi.com for assistance or call Examity at (855) 392-6489 (option 1).


There is a difference between the Exam Window and the amount of time you have to complete your exam once you begin.

The Exam Window is the 48-hour period specified at registration. It means the exam will only be accessible to registered applicants for 48 hours between those specified dates. The exam will unlock at 12:01 AM PST on the first date specified, and will close at 11:59 AM PST on the second date specified.

During the exam window, you will have 2 1/2 hours to complete the exam once you begin. You will be prompted to register for a 2 1/2 hour time slot with Examity, the exam proctor mentioned above, when you receive your access e-mail from them three (3) days prior to the exam window unlocking. It is imperative that you make sure you receive this e-mail and complete your Examity registration and time slot selection by the time to exam window unlocks.

Again, if you do not receive an e-mail three (3) days prior to the start of the exam window prompting you to register with Examity and select a time slot for your exam, promptly call Examity directly at (855) 392-6489 (option 1).


To successfully take the online exam, candidates should ensure they test in a private area with no interruptions. There are NO cell phones, ball caps/hats, or preparation materials allowed during the exam. You must also ensure you have or do the following prior to beginning the exam:

You must use a desktop computer or laptop computer.

  • Cellphones, Android, iOS or Microsoft Tablets and Chromebooks are NOT supported.
  • Disable any updates to your desktop or laptop on test day.
You must use a webcam, microphone, and speakers (built-in or external).

  • It is your responsibility to make sure your webcam is working for the entirety of the test and that you can see yourself throughout the examination.
Your connection to the internet/network must reflect the following:

  • At least 2 Mbps download and upload speed is required at a minimum.
  • Test your internet speed prior to test and don’t run unnecessary applications in the background.
Supported browsers: Google Chrome (v39 or later) or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled.

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